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Built into Data Standard’s Publishing Solutions is the ability to develop the Microsoft Word environment.

We can control almost all aspects of the application itself, including manipulating interface features such as menus and toolbars and working with custom user forms or dialog boxes. This gives us the ability to create authoring and editing templates which can control the user or give them extra features.

The templates are created using Visual Basic an embedded programming environment extending the applications functionality, shortening the development cycle of custom solutions.

Another benefit is that we can literally bind multiple applications together to get the best from each to create a seamless automated solution.

Typesetting Services, Publishing Solutions, XML Technologies

The concept is based on a custom Word template, designed to be simple to use, requires minimal training yet, produces structured data for publishing in print and for the web. The template is tailored for a projects needs and not an off-the-shelf product. This approach ensures 100% compliance with the project/client requirements.